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I'm glad you asked.

Eggshells is a podcast in which we explore disagre

ement: why it's tough, why it's important, and how we can all get better at it.

We're talking disagreements about Big Stuff. You might be disagreeing with strangers, with acquaintances or with loved ones, but the topics are ones that sit in your soul. Whilst what we discuss might be useful for disagreements at work, on Eggshells we aren't speaking about corporate environment. Instead, we want to get people talking about things that matter in our personal lives.

Have you tried to have any tricky conversations recently? Between vaccines, climate change, political debate and recognitions of societal inequalities, I reckon it's likely you have. There's a lot to talk about right now. With the added bonus of our social separateness during the pandemic, it's no wonder many people have told us they are tying themselves in knots during arguments, feeling hopeless, or simply trying not to engage.

Eggshells wants to help. We want to get you off the sidelines and into the arena - gently, kindly, safely. We want to share what we've learned about cultivating empathy and courage; about understanding yourself and others; about free speech, and not impinging on the freedoms of others. Basically, about how not to be a dick.

Disagreements aren't negative. It's not inherently bad to disagree with someone - at least, not in our opinion! We think negativity comes from immovability - when we're so attached to a point of view that we think we can't learn anything else, anything new, that could influence our thinking. When we listen to a view that we disagree with, we don't need to agree with it - we don't need to change our minds. We simply need to recognise that the person who holds that view is a person, and that whether we like it or not, we all have things we can teach each other.

If you are a person, you can have a say. Disagreement is democratic - so get off the bench. We're Lizzie and Hannah, and Eggshells is here to help you disagree better. Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts, follow us on Instagram at eggshellspodcast, and subscribe to our newsletter for irregular, relevant updates. Good to have you here.

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