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Episode 1: "Sucks to be you" - Empathy, and why it's excellent

Updated: Nov 23, 2021


It's quite hard to think about what empathy is sometimes. Or why it's useful.

Luckily, Brene Brown has thought about this for us:

(click link for short YouTube video)

“It's not the survival of the fittest - it's survival of the kindest.”

Have you ever received the message that being kind is weak? Think a-bloody-again. Empathy is written into us and the way we interact with each other. Being able to empathise with people is an enormous strength, and really improves your communication skills.

In this episode, Hannah and Lizzie talk about what empathy is, why it's not the same as agreeing with people, and how we can cultivate more of it.

Meet Duncan, Ashley, Bella & Liz

You can find out about the amazing guests we feature in this episode here.

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