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We are Eggshells

Changing the conversational game:

Your champions of challenging chats


We see you hovering

Backing away from that lack of understanding

We get it.

We have also recoiled

From opposite opinions

And left without learning

Without listening

Without offering


Do you wish you knew how to stay, hold space, and speak?


We are Eggshells

Stepping up and over boundaries

Building confidence with tools:

Knowledge, empathy, articulation

Promoting Kind and Strong

We aren’t afraid of words

And we respect their power - we’re harnessing it, alongside you,

One mistake at a time.


We are Eggshells

Rather than drowning in soundbites

We are creating conversationalists

Who use their voices for good

Who ask why, not only what

Who ask how, and when,

Speak out again and again

And who do not, somewhere in the repetition, lose themselves –

But who, with opposite opinions let in, gain what we didn’t know we lacked

We are learning to understand uncomfortable

Respect what’s unsafe

Learning to open our mouths wisely and bravely

Leaving no human behind nor

Letting any human carry a burden alone

We believe we cannot succeed without each other.


Difference is democracy; there’s courage in cultivating commonality

So come with us

Come with us and explore

Who it is we really can be

We want to get everyone talking effectively about things that matter.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Eggshells gives people the courage to disagree well. Whether that means listening better, having more control over your emotions or knowing the right thing to say, Eggshells has the tools to get you practicing and learning - from people who are doing just that.


Our Values

  • Courage

  • Care

  • Co-operation

  • Making mistakes

Tune in and get talking

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