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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Listen & Make Change

 Participate, Work With Us

 "The most powerful person in the room is the person with the most relaxed breath."

What's Eggshells then?

We are challenging ourselves to make challenging conversations, less challenging. It can be super tough to talk effectively with people we disagree with; we're interested in what's behind that, how to build courage and empathy, and why it's important we do.


Hopeful for a world in which the responsibility for speaking out doesn't fall just on a few but is taken up by everyone, we are sharing our journey with you so we can all create a toolkit for our difficult conversations.

While serious about our mission, we want to inspire good vibes and positive behaviour, so there will be plenty of laughter, a sprinkling of wit and a conscious effort to platform other truly excellent human beings. Come cultivate courage in conversation and empathy in extreme times.

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